Code of Conduct & EDI Policy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

The Pituitary Foundation is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion aims to:

  • Provide services that are accessible according to need.
  • Promote equality of opportunity in volunteering, employment, and development.
  • Create effective ways of working and partnerships with all parts of our community and stakeholders.

Please read our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy for more information.

Code of Conduct 

At The Pituitary Foundation we believe that our members, every person who works for, or with us, volunteers with us, or otherwise comes into contact with us, should be treated with dignity and respect, and feel that they are in a safe and supportive environment.

The Pituitary Foundation recognises its responsibility to create an inclusive culture that does not tolerate inappropriate, discriminatory, offensive or harmful behaviour towards any person who works for, volunteers with, is a member of, or comes into contact with, the charity.

We also strive to make The Pituitary Foundation, both in terms of its office, meetings, events, online platforms and all other services, a place where people’s wellbeing and mental health are valued and promoted, so that anyone working at, or coming into contact with the charity, is encouraged to value and invest in their own health and wellbeing.

The Pituitary Foundation

  • stands against and has a clear approach to prevent abuse of trust and power including bullying, intimidation, harassment, discrimination or victimisation in all its activities as outlined in our Safeguarding Policy.
  • encourages a culture that supports the reporting and resolution of allegations, suspicions or concerns about abuse of any kind or inappropriate behaviour.
  • ensures that anyone working or volunteering for the charity understands the expectations placed upon them, undertakes any necessary safety checks and provides the relevant training to support them in meeting their responsibilities.
  • ensures that anyone who works or volunteers for The Pituitary Foundation, or accesses its services or online platforms, has access to proper support and advice if they: experience or witness unacceptable behaviour, raise a concern or make an allegation about the actions of others or don’t feel safe.

Behaviours we expect from everyone

The Pituitary Foundation’s staff, volunteers (including trustees), members, and all other stakeholders who access our services or online platforms are requested to:

  • Communicate and respect boundaries, bearing in mind that they are different for everyone.
  • Keep any physical or online contact safe and socially appropriate.
  • Speak up if something makes you uncomfortable, or if you notice another participant may be uncomfortable.
  • Listen with an open mind if somebody else speaks up.
  • Behave with integrity.
  • Uphold and adhere to our charity’s values which are: to be caring, open, knowledgeable, patient-led and trustworthy.
  • To follow our Safeguarding Policy at all times.

Who to contact if you have questions or complaints

If you have any questions or complaints or have been made to feel unsafe or unwelcome while attending a Pituitary Foundation event, accessing one of our services, online platforms, or engaging with any of our team, please email us on or 0117 370 1333. Our Complaints Policy can be read here.

If you have a safeguarding concern please contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer, Pat McBride on 0117 370 1333 or Our Safeguarding Policy can be read here.

What happens if someone breaches the code of conduct?

If an individual fails to meet The Pituitary Foundation’s code of conduct the organisation will look into the matter accordingly and respond on a case by case basis.

Download our Code of Conduct here.