General Members' meeting 2017

To all members of The Pituitary Foundation
Notice is hereby given that a general meeting will be held on Friday, 28th April 2017 following the Volunteer Training Event at The Doubletree Hilton Hotel at 10:00am.
This meeting is currently at capacity - for stand-by places contact Sian Pitman on 0117 370 310 or

Dr Vernon Parfitt

2017 Guest speaker Dr Vernon Parfitt, Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist


  1. Chairman’s Welcome, Introductions and Opening Remarks.
  2. Guest speaker Dr Vernon Parfitt, Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist (pictured).
  3. To receive, consider and approve the Minutes of the last General Meeting held on Sunday, 24th April 2016.
  4. To receive the Report of the Trustees.
  5. To receive and consider the Treasurer’s Report for the year ending 20th June 2016.
  6. To accept and comment on the retirement of Trustees.
  7. The following Trustees retire by rotation at this General Meeting: Claire Thatcher seeking re-election, Mike Beaven seeking re-election, Ezra MacDonald seeking re-election
  8. Any Other Business
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Download the most recent Annual accounts (2015 - 16) 


The 19th General Meeting of The Pituitary Foundation was held on Sunday, 24th April 2016 at The Hilton Hotel, Neville St, Leeds LS1 4BX at 10:45am.

1.Chairman's Welcome, Introductions and Opening Remarks.

The Chairman, Jenny West, welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance and then introduced the officers present.

2. To receive, consider and approve the Minutes of the last General Meeting held on Wednesday 9th September 2015.

Proposed for acceptance by Mark Pharaoh

Seconded by Kim Miller.

The meeting unanimously agreed that they should be signed as being a full and accurate record of the meeting.

Action arising

Dave Bancroft had enquired about interruption to supply of medications & what action was taken by The Foundation.

Jenny wrote to Dave Bancroft about this and then explained how The Foundation, Pat McBride particularly is in regular contact with the pharmaceutical companies.

3. To receive the Report of the Trustees.

Copies were available for attendees.

During the past year we have continued to build on our achievements from 2013/14.

You will, hopefully, have all seen a copy of our Annual report for our Financial Year ending in June 2015 which was issued in March. In addition, we have also produced an Annual Review which is now available.

I would now like to give an introduction to the report on behalf of the Trustees which will be followed by a review of our performance. Menai Owen-Jones, our CEO, who unfortunately cannot be with us today, has prepared a short presentation on our performance.

Last year we reported that we saw increasing demand for our services, we had supported more patients, had a record-breaking year in fundraising and we saw increasing volunteer numbers. 2014/15 has followed in the same vein and we are pleased to report that this year’s income has broken another record for the charity!

In September 2013, our three year Strategic Plan was formally issued detailing our vision and goals for the future. The primary objective of the Strategic Plan was to give the charity a clear and agreed direction and purpose for the period 2013 – 2016 and to communicate this to our staff, our volunteers, members, healthcare professionals, donors and everyone who gives support to us, or indeed benefits from the work of the charity. The Trustees report details the progress and achievements we have made during the second year of our Strategy against our four Strategic Pillars: Effective Organisation, Awareness, Caring Support and Education.

2014/15 has been a busy year of strategic planning and the completion of a comprehensive review of the organisation. In July 2015, the Board of Trustees set a new 5 year vision for the charity and approved a plan to expand the organisation. Over the past four years, with thanks to the generous support of our members and supporters, we have generated surplus funds each year, which means we are now in a strong financial position to invest for the future.

Recent years have been very positive for the charity in many ways, in terms of our financial position, running of the organisation, reaching and supporting more patients and families. Volunteers have been, and continue to be, at the heart of the charity. We have seen an increase in the number of Local Support Groups, we now have a team of 115 volunteers and we have an excellent volunteering retention rate.

Our reorganisation and the increase in staffing levels, aims to provide a strong and sustainable organisation for the long-term, meeting both current and future growth demands. There is much more work for us to do as a charity and these changes to the organisation will help us to further meet the goals of The Foundation.

All of our achievements outlined in the Trustees Report have only been possible because of the hard work and dedication of so many people. We would particularly like to thank our dedicated team of staff who, though small in number, continue to deliver so much under a lot of pressure, our network of Local Support Groups, our volunteers, trustees, donors, fundraisers, members and those who have chosen to remember us in their Wills – so thank you all.

We referred to our performance and the presentation prepared by Menai Owen-Jones. Followed by examination of the annual accounts. Hard copies of the Financial Report was available to those present as well as being downloadable from The Foundation website.

Opened the meeting to questions - There were none.

  • To accept the Formal Report:

Proposed: Mike James

Seconded: Mrs Joy Ginn

  • To accept and comment on the retirement of Trustees.

The following Trustees retire by rotation at this General Meeting:

Mrs Jenny West - seeking re-election

Ms Stephanie Baldeweg - seeking re-election

Prof John Newell-Price - seeking re-election

  • The Vice Chair explained that as there are no other nominations, the three are duly re-elected.

Jenny updated the meeting on what has been taking place since the end of the financial year (30th June 2016).

  • New staff
  • Volunteer Training event
  • Awareness Month
  • Planning of the first flagship fundraising event in London
  • Conference
  • Roll out of the strategies
  • Next 3 year plan

Jenny opened the meeting to questions and comments.

One member discussed how his condition had affected him, and how in his ethnically different community, the lack of openness to discuss health issues caused a feeling of isolation. He spoke of his work to try to breakdown these barriers and thanked The Foundation for its help in supporting him with his health issue.

Sammy Harbut, Patient & Family Services Coordinator spoke briefly about the newly ratified WAPO (World Assoc. of Pituitary Organisations), its’ aims and ways it can reach out to communities previously not involved.

Pat McBride, Head of Patient & Family Services spoke about recent conversations that have been taking place regarding the translation of pituitary information in to various languages.

Alison Milne, Endocrine Specialist Nurse spoke about the translation services that she has available at her NHS nursing job at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Jenny brought the meeting to a close at 11:38 am.