The Financial Impact of Coronavirus on our Charity

Your charity needs your help!

#InItTogether #EveryDayCounts

This is a difficult time for so many and our staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to meet the increase in demand for information and support from our patient community at the moment. We will continue to be here to provide as much support and up-to-date guidance as we are able to in order to help patients, carers and families during this worrying and unprecedented time. However, we are anticipating a major loss of at least £50,000 this year due to cancellation/postponement of summer fundraising events. We rely heavily on these every year so without them our charity is in a difficult position.

We need our members and supporters to come together to help us through this financially. We will be suggesting ways you could do this but do get creative from the comfort of your own home! Whether it’s donating your normal commuting costs, learning to yodel or hosting a videocall bake off – you can help us!

There are many ways that you can get involved from home:

Just £1 per ticket with great prizes up for grabs!

Win up to £25,000 - something to look forward to spending when all this is over

If you are now working from home, could you consider donating money you would normally spend on coffee, lunch or your commute?

We’d like to thank you for wholeheartedly for your support. If you need advice on setting up your fundraising pages or discussing your ideas, please contact Jay on, 0117 370 1314.


Many larger charities can afford to absorb the losses as they have other multi-million pound income streams but for smaller charities, who are reliant on events income it could spell disaster. It is not a question of if, but more a question of when, some smaller charities fold and cease to exist. We do not want to be one of these charities.  We want to continue to be there for you, our pituitary community.  For this reason we need your support now more than ever. Our staff and volunteers are working to maximum capacity to help as many people as possible at the moment and our Helplines alone have skyrocketed in number of requests for support.  We will do everything we can and more to help you.