Prolactinoma Booklet

The aim of this booklet is to provide information and understanding about Hyperprolactinaemia (raised levels of the hormone prolactin in the blood stream) and prolactinoma (a prolactin secreting growth on the pituitary gland).

Everyone is individual and not all the information will apply to you but hopefully you will gain some understanding of your condition and perhaps answer some questions you may have with regards to your diagnosis/condition.


  • Prolactinoma
  • An Explanation of Hormones
  • What causes the Prolactin Level to be Raised?
  • What is a Prolactinoma?
  • Signs & Symptoms
  •      Signs & Symptoms presenting in Women
  •      Signs & Symptoms presenting in Men
  •      Large Tumours
  • Diagnosis & what Tests are carried out?
  • How is a Prolactinoma Treated?
  •      Medication Treatment
  •      Pregnancy
  •      Breast Feeding
  •      Surgical Treatment
  •      Prolactinoma Aftercare
  • How will a Prolactinoma affect my Lifestyle?
  • Patient Stories

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