Snowdon Moonlight Trek

When: 13th June 2020 

Registration: £20 

Meeting time: 5.45pm (Sunset 9.43pm)

Suggested minimum sponsorship: £200


The Snowdon Moonlight Walk is an evening not to be missed. Climb Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, at dusk and enjoy a breathtaking sunset from the summit (if the weather allows). We then turn our head-torches on and walk down in the dark! This is an opportunity to enjoy Snowdon at its quietest and see Snowdonia like never before.

The walk will be relaxed and friendly. Your group will reach the summit just before sunset, and if the weather is on our side, witness a truly amazing view as you watch the sunset from the highest summit in Wales. This really is a truly unforgettable experience. If you have joined us as we have climbed Snowdon over the past few years then this may be the perfect next challange for you.



Q. Is the Snowdon Moonlight Walk suitable for beginners?

Yes this walk is suitable for beginners with a good level of fitness. We will send you a training plan so you are well prepared for the evening.

Q. What if the weather is bad?

We still go up! We obviously have no control of the weather but the group will still go up Snowdon unless we feel it is dangerous. Seeing the sunset is a bonus. Sometimes we see an amazing sunset and sometimes we sadly don’t. The objective though is to climb Snowdon and enjoy the mountain at its quietest and then descend in the dark.

Q. Do I need to bring my own head-torch?

No, we will provide a head-torch for the Snowdon Moonlight Walk. We will send you a full kit-list of what you need to bring and wear.

Q. Can I bring my dog on the Snowdon Moonlight Walk?

Dogs are allowed but we would prefer it if you didn't. If you have no alternative amd have to bring your dog please ensure it is on a lead at all times. 

Q. How fit do I need to be?

Climbing Snowdon requires a good level of walking/mountain fitness and lots of determination. If this is your first mountain then we suggest training a few months before the walk. A full training guide will be sent after booking. Snowdon is a tough walk and not to be underestimated.

Q. What If I am too slow?

We split the group in to two or three smaller groups based on speed, and each group led by one of our team. You can walk with whichever paced group you feel comfortable with. However, if we feel you are too slow and are going to struggle to the point where it could cause health or logistical issues then we will discuss turning you around. However, with plenty of training this won’t be an issue. If you have any questions regarding your suitability for the Snowdon Moonlight Walk then please get in touch before booking.



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