Relationships & Communication Booklet

This A5 size booklet aims to address the process of adjustment you need to make in your relationship with yourself as well as addressing the issues of communication about your condition with others. It aims to provide help and support strategies to aid in developing new, as well as maintaining old relationships post-diagnosis and throughout life with a pituitary condition.

You may find that not all of it applies to you. We hope it helps you to understand your condition better, gives you ideas on how to adjust to life post-diagnosis, and to manage relationships with others as well as offering you a basis for discussion with your partner, GP and Endocrinologist.


  • Introduction 

Section 1: Communication

  • Skills to Improve Communication
  • Assertiveness - or The Art of Communicating your Needs Effectively

Section 2: Managing Relationships

  • Managing a Relationship with Yourself
  • Working on a Relationship with Yourself
  • Making Friends with Yourself
  • Communicating with Family Members
  • Communicating with Other People

Section 3: Understanding & Managing the Emotions Associated with Change

  • Dealing with Change
  • Dealing with Grief & Loss
  • Coping with Grief & Loss

Section 4: Useful Resources & References

  • Resources
  • References

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