Endocrine Clinic Resource Pack

Contents of a standard pack

  • 60 booklets of your choice from our range of publications (see A - Z of our available titles)
  • 2 endocrine referral pads (50 sheets per pad)
  • 5 information posters
  • 2 copies of our patient magazine Pituitary Life 3 times a year
  • Your hospital will be mentioned on our website as a clinic that stocks our extra support materials – this will last for one year from purchase
  • 1 GP Factfile
  • 1 Hydrocortisone advice leaflet and one of each type of our awareness cards we stock, for you to keep as an example to show patients. (Patient care card, DI awareness card, Hydrocortisone awareness, Toilet facilities card).

If you are a health care professional and would prefer to set up a payment by account (invoicing for orders) please contact us on enquiries@pituitary.org.uk or 0117 370 1333 and we can organise this for you.


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