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Lauren Bates Website


Lauren was diagnosed with Acromegaly in 2015 and has since undergone surgery 3 times. She has battled to understand a condition that is lesser known and she has fought to be given the right medication to suit her ongoing needs.

We are thrilled that Lauren is now on board at The Pituitary Foundation helping us with our campaigning on our journey to raise awareness of rare pituitary conditions.


"I attended the recent Acromegaly Meetup 2017 in Birmingham, and it bought home to me that I am not fighting this alone, like I have felt since being diagnosed 2 years ago. Although my family and friends are wonderful it's totally different to chat with somebody who really does understand.

"I feel it's critical to raise awareness about acromegaly and other pituitary conditions. Before all this I had absolutely no idea what either where!

"I think this is possible by working on national campaigns and getting different institutions and companies involved for maximum effect. I'm ready to work for more awareness so that fewer people suffer from these conditions.

"You can help The Pituitary Foundation raise awareness by making a donation and by spreading the word. Every voice counts."


Will you consider making a donation to help us continue our work campaigning and raising awareness of rare pituitary conditions?


With your help we run a series of campaigns each year and together we are getting results:


  • Our Get Red Flagged campaign encouraged thousands of patients with Adrenal Insufficiency to register with their Ambulance Trust so their condition is flagged electronically. If they call 999 from home the ambulance sent now has the emergency injection on board.
  • Our campaign to raise awareness of North West Ambulance Services Adrenal Crisis e-learning module for paramedics resulted in increased numbers of paramedics improving their knowledge of treating an adrenal crisis. Nine large organisations are now using this module in their training programmes.
  • We have trained 12 Volunteer Campaigners who are out in their communities raising awareness locally, taking posters to clinics, writing to politicians and local councillors and supporting The Foundation's three annual campaigns.


Our campaigns reach out to thousands of people each year but we still hear about long diagnosis times, medical professionals not knowing enough about pituitary conditions, and a general lack of specialist information and emotional support.

This is why we need your help.

Please consider making a donation and helping us to continue our vital work campaigning and raising awareness on behalf of pituitary patients and their families.

Together we can contribute to better awareness and understanding of pituitary conditions and help those people who are struggling to access the correct information and support.

Thank you.




£10 could help us produce 10 copies of an awareness raising booklet

£25 could help us send a selection of awareness flyers to a volunteer who will raise awareness in their community and could save a life.

£50 could help us contact as many opticians as possible during Pituitary Awareness month this October prompting early diagnosis for pituitary patients.

£100 could help our Campaigns Manager as she works on influencing policy and NHS guidelines which will result in better care and understanding for people with pituitary conditions. 

Read more about Pituitary Awareness Month 2017 which takes place this October