Save Our Loos

Save Our Loos campaign 

Please note this campaign is no longer running but you can read more about what activities took place. If a toilet near you is facing closure the template letter is still available for you to write to your local councillor.

Councils are currently shutting down public toilets across the UK and from speaking with patients who have Diabetes Insipidus (DI) we know this is having a real impact on their daily lives. One in seven public toilets has already been closed by council cuts. A Welsh government report recognises the lack of public facilities can cause isolation, distress, and affects people’s independence and quality of life. Disability and elderly care charities have also supported this opinion, but many closures are still imminent. 14 million people in the UK suffer from urinary problems and other charities have been involved in similar campaigns against public toilet closures recently.


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Write to your councillor and save a loo!

Write to your councillor if there is a public toilet, local to you, facing closure. Or you live in an area with no facilities already. 

  1. Find out who your local councillor is here
  2. Download the template letter here 

Please let us know you have taken part by emailing with the councillors name. 


Hilary Benn, a senior Labour MP, published figures after making freedom of information requests from 326 local authorities responsible for public toilets in England. Of the 218 councils which responded, 11 had no toilet facilities at all, these councils included Liverpool, the City of Westminster, Wokingham, Epsom and Ewell, and South Cambridgeshire.

Places facing closures that we have been able to find out about include CornwallWest Smithfield London,  Llangorse Common Brecon Beacons, Poole, Larkhall Scotland,  Kidderminster, and The Isle of Wight. Halstead council are looking into whether to reopen a toilet in Chapel Street car park, so if you live nearby it may be worth contacting your local councillor to let them know about the importance of public toilets. (We will keep this list updated and please let us know if you hear of any other closures).  

Read success story of local campaigners in Bath, and another in Southend!

DI patient, London: “I am scared to go to areas of my home town where there are no toilets, I have to stay at home more than I want to and have to plan trips out of the house carefully. It has really affected my confidence”.

If your DI is well managed remember that many patients are not so fortunate and still have problems despite taking Desmopressin.  

This was also an awareness campaign to support DI patients living with their condition. Patients may find working through the following list useful:

  • Order your free toilet facilities card here
  • Order your free DI awareness card here
  • Use The National Key Scheme. The NKS offers independent access by disabled people to around 7000 locked public toilets around the country. Further details can be found at or by calling 020 7250 3222
  • Download the Find Toilets app, launched by, which allows iPhone users to find public toilets near their current location using GPS. Once users select their chosen toilet, the app will provide a detailed route to the exact location of their selected destination.
  • Use The Great British Public Toilet Map. This is a useful external resource which helps DI patients plan trips out.
  • Read our DI webpages and download the DI booklet here
  • Don't suffer in silence. Go back to your endocrinologist to discuss your medication and see if things could be improved if you feel your DI is not being managed effectively.