Cushing's Awareness

The theme for October Awareness Month 2019 is improving Cushing’s awareness.

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The key campaign message to primary care (GPs etc.) is that Cushing’s symptoms can be a great mimic for other more common conditions that are regularly seen by GPs, such as obesity, menopause, depression, and hypertension.

The more GPs we make aware, the more patients can be diagnosed early and avoid the frustrations, and poor wellbeing, associated with a long diagnosis. The Foundation will be contacting the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the Nursing Standard, The BMJ and as usual work beside the Society for Endocrinology to help raise this awareness. 

We will also be encouraging schools and businesses to hold “Go Orange” days and simultaneously raise awareness and spread the message about the symptoms of Cushing’s.  Can you help with these activities that will support our awareness work this October? Getting involved can make a significant difference to how widely our Awareness Month message spreads across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Your involvement could mean that others do not have to go through the frustratingly long diagnosis that many patients experience.



Can you help us spread local awareness by taking our NEW awareness poster to your GP and other GPs in your area? And by sharing it across social media?

If so, then please email or ring 0117 370 1333 to tell us your address and request your poster. 

Please note: Any posters ordered will be sent out from mid-September.

If you'd like to download some information to share online or print at home, we have the following materials:



The Pituitary Foundation’s “Go Orange” campaign is our biggest community awareness campaign. How many people in your community or working environment know anything about pituitary conditions? By taking part in “Go Orange” you will be putting Cushing’s and pituitary conditions to the forefront of people’s minds which can only be a positive as we try to reach more people.

Whether you choose to get your office involved, hold an Orange themed party in the community or get your child’s school/college/university involved, we have all the resources that you would need to make it a success. From balloons, invitations, posters, fundraising guides and even games to add the fun to your event.

Taking part is simple and your “Go Orange” event could be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. From asking everyone to wear orange and donate, to organising a raffle with some special orange prizes, or even sponsoring your boss to do something daring in orange – there’s a whole range of things your friends or colleagues can do to raise money to support pituitary patients whilst also raising vital awareness in the process

Whilst we would love you to raise as much money as possible to fund our vital support services it is the awareness that is achieved that is more important to us and simply by taking part you are helping us achieve our objective of educating people who may have never heard of us before. To request a Go Orange fundraising kit please email or ring 0117 370 1333.