Optician Awareness

October Awareness Month 2017 & 2016 themes were boosting optician awareness of pituitary tumours.

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Download this poster - share it with an optician

Help us by talking to your optician!  Although these Awareness Month's are over you can still get involved and help us spread local awareness by taking our poster to your local optician. Email enquiries@pituitary.org.uk or ring 0117 370 1333 to tell us your address and we’ll send you posters! 

The aim of the campaign was to make opticians and the public aware of the importance of eye tests in checking your health – especially for pituitary tumours!

The more opticians we make aware, the more patients can be diagnosed early and avoid the frustrations associated with a long diagnosis.

We also encouraged everyone to hold Go Orange days and simultaneously raised awareness about the symptoms of pituitary.

We had great support from our partnership with Myers La Roche , a company that provides marketing support and practice sales for opticians and optometrists, which helped us drive our message towards the optical industry!


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What we achieved 

Awareness Month 2017 was the most successful yet as we saw record numbers of participants getting involved in the campaign and the awareness activities we coordinated. 

Over 3,000 copies of our optician awareness leaflet were distributed, and campaign details sent to all the main UK Optician headquarters and prominent ophthalmologist colleges and societies.

An amazing 53 Go Orange events were held! 

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our awareness appeal which will keep our campaigns and awareness work going.

We also published regular news articles regarding the campaign on our website and regular social media content. These news stories included various patient stories about being diagnosed by an optician that were written especially for Awareness Month, and these were very popular. There was a terrific response on Facebook this year with over 123,800 people reached. 

Overall, optician awareness has been a popular theme for the last two Awareness Months. As we have made more opticians aware, more patients will hopefully be diagnosed early and avoid the frustrations associated with a long diagnosis.