Charlotte's Fundraising Group - Canterbury

Our Canterbury Fundraising Group is headed up by fundraising ambassador, Charlotte Valledy. Charlotte has an incredible network of people supporting her and already the group has raised nearly £10,000 in just 2 years. 


Charlotte Canterbury Fundraising Group

Read Charlotte's story here: 

"Hi! My name is Charlotte, 21 years old, a recent graduate and now proudly an ambassador for the Pituitary Foundation. For an extremely under researched condition and under acknowledged Charity, arranging and taking part in fundraising events helps to make this charity what it is! The Pituitary Foundation is a UK based charity that supports Pituitary patients through their own unique journey...

When I was 16 I found out my diagnosis of a Pituitary Adenoma. I went through a tough few years of trialling different medications and battling my illness whilst trying to maintain a good education and social life. It was a massive struggle, one that I could not have done without the Pituitary Foundation. Jay and everyone else at the charity were a friendly face, a shoulder to cry on and a line of support and reassurance through all of the challenges faced post-diagnosis. I salute these guys who work effortlessly to help patients such as myself, and many, many others. Relying solely on funding from fundraisers and supporters, these guys work day in and day out to provide information, leaflets, and endless patient support all whilst trying to raise awareness of such an under researched condition.

In April 2014 I organised my first charity event for the Pituitary Foundation. I organised a fashion show where guests were greeted with a drinks reception. The process involved local businesses donating raffle prizes, clothes and other material, including a speech all about my story, Pituitary conditions and the Pituitary Foundation. Many of my family, friends, and all of the guests at my fundraiser had zero idea of anything to do with the Pituitary Gland and some of the implications that can occur. I am incredibly happy to know that through my fundraising event I have made 200+ people aware of this charity and the conditions. I could not have done this without the continuous support from the charity who provided t-shirts for us to wear, balloons, banners and information leaflets.

I have an amazing family around me and great friends, reflected in the recent and upcoming fundraisers that my now official fundraising group have achieved! My partner Billy Townsend raised £1,500 on top of my £1,300 by running the Great North Run in September 2016! A massive achievement and vast amount of money raised, alongside raising even more awareness to Billy’s family, extended family and network. His father, Mark Townsend completed a sky dive at 12,000 feet raising £6,000. Overall, my fundraising group have raised just under £10,000. My sister Laura Valledy and her friend Jennifer Ludbrook are taking on ‘Zip World London’ which is a very long and very high zip wire across London. All very brave fundraising activities that personally mean a lot to not only me, but to the charity too.

I could not think of anything better than being able to represent such an amazing charity and share my experience to help others through theirs. Becoming an ambassador allows me to inform my network all about what the Pituitary gland is and the complications of having a Pituitary related condition. I am excited for this next journey of being an ambassador and I cannot wait to continue to raise money and raise awareness. I know that I will be making a massive change and this allows me to educate a community.

I would love to achieve even more fundraising activities in the future and I am very grateful for this opportunity with this astounding charity!"

We know that Charlotte will be a superb Ambassador and we are so happy to have her on board.