Fundraising for Alfie - Mountain Ash Fundraising Group

Our Mountain Ash Fundraising Group led by Lisa Watts are dedicating their fundraising efforts to Lisa's grandson, Alfie Watts. The group consists of Lisa, husband Denver and Alfie's dad Conor.  They are supported by a very close knit community of family and friends.


So far the group have raised well over £2,000 by taking part in the Chepstow Stampede obstacle course, by organising a skittles night and from collections held at local social clubs. 


 Conor Alfie Watts


Here is Alfie's story and why they are doinig what they are doing in the words of his dad, Conor. 


“My son, Alfie, was born on the 30th December 2014.  He was 7lb 1oz born and looked a picture of health.  Alfie seemed to be quite a quiet baby, and my mother even compared him to me when I was a baby.  However, he still wasn’t feeding as he should and his colour was quite yellow.  He hadn’t been home a day when we got in contact with the midwife to let her know as our concerns were growing.  She came that day and admitted him immediately to ward 31 Prince Charles Hospital.


On admission, his blood sugars were extremely low at 1.3 and he was very drowsy.  He was put on intravenous fluids, etc. and had 2 hourly pinprick blood tests to check his sugar levels.  We were very upset and anxious, not knowing exactly what we were dealing with. 


Alfie was then seen by a visiting endocrinologist who happened to be carrying out a clinic in Prince Charles Hospital.  It was then that it was explained that Alfie may have a condition called pan hypopituitarism, which is very rare and he would need an MRI scan of the brain.  This was done a day or so later, but in the meantime Alfie had a cortisol level checked and this confirmed the condition. 


It was a very upsetting time, especially when the realisation kicked in that Alfie would have lifelong daily medications to take, which were needed to keep him well, and he would need more care than a child would usually require.


We gradually came to realise that Alfie had a turn in his right eye, and so was referred to the eye clinic.  It was there that we were made aware that Alfie can see very little out of that left eye, and can probably only see light and dark.  The ophthalmologist feels that there is nothing that can be done for this as it is related to the pan hypopituitarism and optic nerve in that eye is severely under-developed.  The right eye is also affected but Alfie is able to see, and that’s what matters to us.  He has recently been prescribed glasses, which look so cute on him, and these may help with the squint, but it may be that he will require surgery for this at a later date. 


We are detrmined to raise funds as a group so that we can raise funds for The Pituitary Foundation so that they can support other families, just as they supported us."