Jack’s Pituitary Fundraising Group

Jack’s Story

At the age of 17 Jack was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. After battling with his weight for 5 years previous, he visited the doctors who referred him to Bath Royal United Hospitals. After a series of Blood tests and MRI scans he was diagnosed. The tumour caused the pituitary gland to create more Cortisol than was needed, which in turn caused Jack to put on a lot of weight. Click here for more details and symptoms of Cushings.

The Pituitary Foundation were very supportive. They helped Jack understand what Cushing’s Disease was, how to deal with it and what the next steps where. They were a great help not only to Jack, but also the rest of the family which this tumor also had a big effect on.

About Jack’s Pituitary Fundraising Group

The Pituitary Foundation helped me in a time of need, and there are more people that also need this help. Jack will be joined in his fundraising efforts by all of his family.


The Cases


Previous Fundraising Events:

Bath Half Marathon

Homemade Jewellery Sale

Inca Trial Walk – Peru

Chepstow Stampede

Future Events:
Pituitary Foundation Photographer of the Year



If you have been inspired by Jack and his story then please donate. Jack would be extremely appreciative of all the support. 

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