Windsor Fundraising Group

The Windsor Fundraising Group is coordinated by Gemma Simpson, who's son Oscar has a pituitary condition. 

Oscar's story

Here mum Gemma tells her story and the inspiration for the fundraising efforts:

“My son Oscar was diagnosed at about 3 months old. At just the age of 2 days, Oscar had 3 seizures resulting in him spending 2 weeks in the special care baby unit. He had many tests done but medical professionals were unsure what had caused the seizures. He was sent home but became very ill and after many visits back and forth to the hospital he was finally diagnosed. For Oscar this means he will be on medication for life.  Oscar has had many visits to hospital, many by ambulance where he has become unwell and required being admitted for anything up to a week in isolation because his immune system isn't as strong and he is prone to picking up bugs and infections. Oscar was air lifted to hospital after becoming unwell and requiring treatment.


At the time of Oscar’s diagnosis we knew absolutely nothing about this illness and luckily we discovered The Pituitary Foundation. Just by picking up the telephone I was able to speak to a friendly voice at the other end who gave me reassuring answers, helping to put my mind at ease.  The Pituitary Foundation has become our rock. This is why I am determined to help raise as much vital funds as possible. 



To date there have been many fundraising events organised by the group ranging from Christmas and Easter fayres, to charity nights at the local club, football tournaments, darts tournaments, collections at Firework displays and several friends and family taking on personal challenges. To date over £14,000 has been raised by the Fundraising Group.


To donate

If you would like to donate to Oscar's Appeal then please donate here