The "Brick by Brick" campaign

The "Brick by Brick" Campaign provides The Pituitary Foundation with a vital source of ‘sustainable income’. This is income from a continuing source, unlike grants or pharmaceutical funding, which we may or may not be successful at securing. The "Brick by Brick" Campaign aims to encourage people, if they are able, to make a regular giving contribution to The Foundation.

Supporters can either take out standing orders for monthly donations to The Foundation or they can pay by monthly direct debit.

Each regular giving contribution, whether direct debit or standing order, is like a brick in the Foundation of The Pituitary Foundation. Over the next  year we hope to complete one wall that will provide The Foundation with sufficient income for the Support Service – ensuring that the people who deal with your enquiries remain skilled, experienced and able to respond to your need for information, advice and support for many years to come. 

Everyone who donates via the regular giving scheme will have their name on the wall below, unless there is a wish to remain anonymous. As each brick is populated the wall will eventually become Orange, representing that we have reached our goal.

 Pituitary Foundation Wall 190614 2


To join

  • To set up a regular giving donation via monthly direct debit Click Here
  • To set up a standing order with your bank or building society then please donwload the Standing order mandate