In memory of Alex Hatch

Christmas is a time for celebrating and this year we are celebrating the lives of pituitary patients sadly departed. As you know, we are the only charity in the UK for people affected by pituitary conditions. Many conditions can be managed, meaning patients are on medication for the rest of their lives but sadly this is not always the case and we hear many moving stories of patients losing their battle, that’s why we want to honour their memories this festive period and we hope you would consider donating to help us do just that.  

Many families across the UK have sadly lost loved ones due to pituitary conditions and face the heartbreak of spending Christmas without their loved ones.  Families such as the Hatch’s.




“My son Alex lived a happy fun-filled life.  He always had a positive attitude and a generous nature. He loved sport, comedy, his friends and family and above all else he loved life; His favourite one-liner was ‘Go big or Go home’. Alex had a tumour on his pituitary gland and unfortunately, Alex, was tragically taken from us far too soon at the tender age of just 25. We miss him dearly and would like to thank The Pituitary Foundation for breaking the norm and celebrating the lives and memories of patients who are no longer with us as opposed to telling us about patients they currently support. They were a great help to my family when Alex was alive for which we thank them. If you could please donate to help celebrate the memories of patients just like my son then I know that the money they generate can enable them to be there for future generations of patients, which many of you may be”.

            George Hatch, Alex’s father


You can donate in memory of Alex here