In memory of Nicola Elizabeth Hartley

Efe93e05 37B9 4Dc9 A4cc 3468E0abbe4aOur 24yr old daughter/sister/girlfriend/family member/friend suddenly passed away recently from a DVT in her leg, which caused clots in her lungs, this was due to having "Cushings" which was brought on by a tumour on her pituitary gland. Full symptoms only presented in March this year, although she had been unwell for approx. 2 years.

As a family and her friends we were unaware of this condition (which is rare), we have since found out that GP's are also not aware of this condition and only specialists really know about it.

Following Nicola's sudden passing we want to raise awareness of this condition to as many people as possible, and hopefully in her memory we will be able to do this, and hopefully save someone's life.

Please make a donation in Nicola's memory, and if you are able please gift aid this so the charity can claim more back from the government.

To date over £5,500 has been raised in memory of Nicola which will enable the charity to be there for many more patients in their hour of need. 

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