Inheritance Tax benefits

The Pituitary Foundation as a registered charity enjoys exemptions from Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax, and there are many ways in which tax can be saved during the administration of an estate to make a legacy worth even more to the charity.
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Leaving a legacy to a charity in your Will can be a great way to save Inheritance Tax.

If you leave 10% or more of the net value of your estate to charity in your Will, upon your death your estate may be taxed at 36% rather than 40%. In some cases, this actually means a reduction in the amount of inheritance tax that has to be paid by the estate. Please visit this website for further information.

GOV.UK Inheritance tax advice 


If you are concerned about Inheritance Tax then we strongly suggest you seek specialist advice


Will you please consider leaving The Pituitary Foundation a gift in your Will so that we can help future generations of pituitary patients.