Service Volunteering

We have 7 different exciting volunteer roles within the 'services' category, which help support our Patient & Family Services department. Without our dedicated volunteering team, we would simply not to be able to provide the support we do.

See the list of roles below and how you can get involved to help support pituitary patients, please read the roles below. If you'd like the full role description of any of these roles, please get in touch with Pat McBride on 0117 370 1315 or 

Helpline Operator

Our dedicated Helpline Operators, along with staff, take calls on our national Patient Support & Information Helpline.

The calls we receive are very important to us; Helpline Operators are responsible for making sure each caller gains as much as possible in the way of support, information and/or appropriate signposting. The role can be very rewarding, but comes with significant responsibility.

If you are interested, do you have the following:

  • the ability to listen
  • you are non-judgemental
  • empathy
  • a private space to take calls (and a landline not just mobile)
  • able to keep calls in the utmost confidence
  • email access.

Training will be provided and ongoing support will be given.

Area Co-ordinator

Our Local Support Groups provide a hugely needed support service for pituitary patients; The Pituitary Foundation has over 35 successful support groups around the UK. Some of our groups are informal and smaller and meet a couple of times a year, and some are larger and meet nearly every month. We are hugely thankful to our wonderful team of voluntary Area Co-ordinators (AC) who run the current support groups.

ACs oversee the organisation of meetings (formal or informal) of local pituitary patients, carers and friends; liaising with NSO and; communicating with the local pituitary community about group meetings and events.  It is optional but some groups end up with a couple of committee members who can help ACs by taking on tasks, but the overall responsibility still lies with the AC. 

In starting a new group, as the co-ordinator, you can create a meeting and activities schedule based on the time you have to commit to the role.

Telephone Buddy

Would you like to support pituitary patients with a similar condition to your own? We operate a Telephone Buddies network with the aim to provide callers with a buddy who they can talk to on the phone and who will provide peer-to-peer support based on shared circumstances. 

Depending on your type of pituitary condition we could well use your help so do please get in touch if you are interested in becoming a Telephone Buddy. Volunteers need to be supportive, non-judgemental, and understand confidentiality and the mission, goals, and services of The Pituitary Foundation.

Office Volunteer

Our Office Volunteers work with the staff in the main office in Bristol and help with a range of different administration duties. Duties can include processing booklet and merchandise orders, membership admin, answering queries, writing thank you letters, helping collect statistics and database duties.

Our Office Volunteers give between 3 and 7 hours of their time a week each.

Volunteer Campaigner

Campaign with us to improve the lives of people who are affected by pituitary conditions! Volunteer Campaigners support our ongoing campaigns work and help us to fulfil our goals to influence policy and key decision makers and improve general public awareness.

This role is flexible and will appeal to those who might have as little as 2 hours a month to give, but the role can be adapted to also suit those with more time.

Volunteer Ambassador

Volunteer Ambassadors are very knowledgeable about pituitary conditions and the work of The Pituitary Foundation. They support the charity's awareness work and their role includes giving presentations at events and running awareness stands on behalf of The Foundation.

Forum Moderator

The Pituitary Foundation provides an on-line forum to subscribed members where they can talk, share experiences and offer advice.

Our forum moderators oversee the forum, monitoring usage, posting messages and taking appropriate action when necessary. The role is an excellent way to support patients and The Foundation and get involved from your own home computer, we are currently looking to expand the use of our forum and cannot do this without new volunteers.


PLEASE NOTE  - At present we are at full capacity and are trying not to exceed this to ensure that we have the resources to be able to support each volunteer adequately in their roles. However, do monitor our website and social media in the next few months as we will always advertise if we are recruiting for a specific role. You are also welcome to get in contact anyway to express an interest and we can keep your information on file in case anything comes up. Thank you for your understanding.