Area Co-ordinator

We are looking for motivated people, who would like to make a difference to the lives of pituitary patients by running a Local Support Group.

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Area Co-ordinator duties

This voluntary position involves organising meetings (formal or informal) and welcoming local patients with their families/carers to attend. You would be the co-ordinator for the local group and the main contact between the group and The Pituitary Foundation. This is an excellent opportunity to support others who have pituitary conditions in your local area; we currently have 35 successful groups around the UK.

Area Co-ordinator responsibilities

Arrange meetings (venue and refreshments). Meetings vary- some groups meet to listen to speakers, some have more informal meet ups to share their personal experiences and support each other

  • Publicising locally about the meetings. Contacting to arrange speakers if appropriate.
  • Establishing/maintaining links with the local endocrine clinic and new patients.
  • Encouraging fundraising to cover the costs of running the group (i.e. raffles, quizzes, etc).

Optional activities of Local Support Groups include:

Local fundraising activities to raise further funds for the group and the wider work of The Pituitary Foundation, organising local awareness activities and contact with the media. Many support groups also have their own newsletter.

Note: you can create a meeting and activities schedule based on the time you have to commit to the role and some Local Support Groups meet less regularly than others.  However, this role still requires responsibility and your group will be part of the wider national organisation.

Knowledge and abilities
• Understand the mission, goals and services of The Pituitary Foundation (General knowledge about pituitary conditions).
• Approachable and get on well with people; a desire to support pituitary patients.
• Understanding the policies and procedures of volunteering for The Foundation and running a Local Support Group.
• Organised and good communication skills.
• Access to the Internet and be IT literate.

We are looking for new group co-ordinators!

The work of our Local Support Groups is vital as they allow pituitary patients to gain the support they need wherever they live in the UK. Running a group is both rewarding & fun!

Although we have reached our target of volunteers we are still hoping to set up groups in the areas of Leicester, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Gloucestershire. Please get in touch if you are interested! 

We always welcome enquiries about setting up a new Support Group in other areas too.  We're here to help you to establish your group and provide you with ideas and support. Please call 0117 370 1310 or email for further details.