One of the potential difficulties of pituitary conditions is infertility.

The impact of infertility depends largely upon where you are in your life when you discover you have a problem. Not being able to conceive naturally, or extend your family except by means of adoption or fostering children can impact upon your life and wellbeing.

Alternatively, a diagnosis of infertility can help to confirm that children are not a priority for you.

Please download or order our Living with infertility booklet which discusses the effects of infertility and possible ways to adjust to the situation. The booklet discusses possible feelings related to discovering you are infertile, strategies to deal with infertility and the impact it has on relationships. The strategies outlined in this booklet are not an exhaustive list and what you may find useful may not be helpful to someone else. Hopefully, the content of this booklet may give you ideas to help you to develop your own ways to cope.