Cushing's webinar with Prof. Newell-Price

In this webinar Prof. John Newell-Price discusses the various symptoms and signs that may affect patients who have Cushing’s.

What tests are needed to first confirm a diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome?
What tests are needed to make a diagnosis of Cushing’s disease – i.e due to a pituitary tumour.
He talks about the need for assessment in centres of excellence.
Following this Prof. John Newell-Price focusses on the treatments available, especially pituitary surgery, and how patients can expect to feel after surgery and in the long term. 
Professor John Newell-Price - Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Sheffield, chairman of the Pituitary Foundation Medical Committee, Research Lead for the Clinical Clinical Reference Group for Specialist Endocrinology NHS England.

This webinar series gives our members a chance to engage with our expert medical committee and other pituitary health care professionals.

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