Psychology of obesity in pituitary conditions

The psychological aspects of obesity in pituitary conditions, with guest speaker Dr Sue Jackson, hosted by Pat McBride (head of the Pituitary Foundations patient and family services team).

This webinar focuses on the issues associated with living with a changed appearance, in particular a body image altered by obesity.

Why does it matter? What factors are involved in managing such a changed body image? We consider why it is difficult to deal with and what sources of support can be useful in helping us to cope.

This presentation was broadcast on 25 April 2017 and includes a Q+A with pituitary patients. 

Expert profile - Dr Sue Jackson


Dr Sue Jackson is a chartered psychologist specialising in the psychosocial impact and treatment of chronic health conditions. In addition to managing an extensive research portfolio, she is a currently an associate lecturer at the University of Plymouth and a visiting lecturer on the Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programme at the University of Surrey. Dr Jackson is the first psychologist to serve on the Medical Advisory Committee for the Pituitary Foundation.

Dr Jackson writes: “Findings from the 2008 Needs Analysis highlighted a number of concerns and identified the unmet psychosocial needs of pituitary patients. For example, but not exclusively:

- Issues regarding identity suggested a long and unsupported struggle to come to terms with a profoundly changed image of self;

- Changes to appearance were felt as a loss, with individuals experiencing diminished control and confidence to deal with these changes.

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