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Should I get a vaccine? Our nurse's guide1

Pneumococcal vaccine, flu vaccine, shingles vaccine... should you get a vaccine? A guide to vaccines and where to get them by our endocrine nurse.

Desmopressin intranasal solution availability

Ferring, who manufacture Desmopressin intranasal solution say that they should have stock of this by the 1st November.

NHS patient safety alerting system for diabetes insipidus

The NHS has implemented a safety alerting system which should help to minimise the risks for DI patients being denied their desmopressin when in hospital.

Acromegaly treatment pasireotide approved in Wales

Acromegaly autobiography

Pituitary patient Dan Jeffries has recently published an autobiography "Me, Myself and Eye" which includes references about living with Acromegaly.

Acromegaly drug asireotide approved in Scotland

Policy work has completed leading to the new acromegaly medication being approved in Scotland.

Contact The Pituitary Foundation

Changes to our 0845 telephone numbers - how to get in touch and how much it costs.

Heatwave advice

Dealing with high termperatures with pituitary conditions

Statement on PrEP funding decision

Joint statement from the Society for Endocrinology and the Pituitary Foundation on PrEP funding decision 

Chicken Pox for Adrenal Insufficient Patients

Pituitary patients who have adrenal insufficiency and take replacement doses of hydrocortisone or prednisolone are at no greater risk than the general population of catching chicken pox.