Nurse appeal: What if no-one can answer?

Telephone Support

Our Endocrine Nurse Helpline is literally bombarded with calls on every shift. 

Please donate to help fund a second nurse

For each call that Alison takes, there can be up to 10 patients trying to get through whilst she’s talking to a caller.

When these waiting patients re-dial her number, Alison will be taking yet another call.

Please help us fund a 2nd nurse now 

This is not only deeply frustrating for the patients waiting, but for Alison and her wider team here too.

Her service is unique as we all know. A GP appointment is often only 10 minutes, and questions that patients have for their GP, may be too complex in that short time.

Alison provides an average of 30 minutes of her pituitary expertise, and support, for each caller.

Currently, we can only support three telephone shifts a week but we do know that we have to increase this service to serve the many people who need to speak to an endocrine nurse.

Endocrine Nurse Alison

With your very kind support, we can see this remarkable and unique service grow, having another endocrine nurse on board to take more shifts – which means that more patients and their families can be helped. 

Our stated mission is “to promote the relief and treatment of persons suffering from pituitary disorders and related conditions and diseases, and their families, friends and carers, and to provide information and support.”

Your generous, kind support can help us to extend this much needed service. Please help us now.