Lauren - Why I'm campaigning for The Pituitary Foundation

After attending the Acromegaly Meetup 2017 (a national meeting of people with the condition), Lauren has been inspired to start campaigning. This is the start of a new chapter for her…

Lauren Acromegaly

I attended the recent Acromegaly Meetup 2017 in Birmingham, and it bought home to me that I am not fighting this alone, like I had felt since being diagnosed 2 years ago.

Although my family and friends are wonderful it's totally different to chat with somebody who really does understand.

There is definitely an acromegaly community out there, but I have had to put myself out there to find it.

Getting together and finding out that we really have a great deal in common like, symptoms, medications and surgeries.

But there is also a lot that makes us individual. I don’t think we should let acromegaly define us, although it's difficult to see through at times.

It stood out to me how differently we have all taken this disease on.

We need to remember there is no right or wrong way, we deal with it the best way individually. After all what works for me may not work for somebody else and that’s fine.

After the event I felt inspired to offer to help The Pituitary Foundation with awareness and promotion.

I feel it’s critical to raise awareness about acromegaly and the pituitary gland itself. Before all this I had absolutely no idea what either were!

I think this is possible by starting national campaigns, getting different institutions and companies involved to get maximum affect.

Read about our current campaigns here.

I know my endocrine team and surgeons at Kings College Hospital in London are on board, which for is a great start.

There’s no time like the present, so I’m going to make the effort to get involved and I’m pleased that I’ve got the wind in my sails just now to do it.

Working with The Foundation, we quickly got into the national press (The Daily Star, The Daily Mail online and the BBC!) so I’m delighted to get off to a good start.

I’m ready to work for more awareness so that fewer people suffer from these conditions.

You can help The Pituitary Foundation through membership or make a donation, or just share!

Every voice counts. Thanks for reading.