Year in Review

2017 has been another busy year for The Pituitary Foundation, campaigning to raise awareness of key issues facing patients, and providing support to our patient community.  The charity has continued progressing and this year we have trialled new webinars, launched our new text service, delivered a national volunteer training event and a national Conference last month. We’ve also been improving our website for a better user experience, seen our volunteering numbers growing, and we have organised impactful awareness campaigns throughout the year.  We’re small, but impactful.

We have also seen some changes this year to our staff team.  We’ll be shortly welcoming our newest team member, Holly Irwin, who will be joining us in early December, taking over as our new Specialist Endocrine Nurse, following Alison Milne’s retirement in September after ten years’ service.  I extend my sincere thanks to Alison for providing such excellent support and care to patients over the years.  For our up-to-date list of staff contacts visit the About us section.

We expanded the charity a couple of years ago creating some additional staffing posts, growing to a team of 12 staff, to provide more resource across the organisation.  The Board of Trustees review our financial forecast on a regular basis and we expected in the Autumn to be at a financial break-even point. Taking into consideration the challenging and uncertain financial climate also, the Board of Trustees voted in October to reduce on-going staff costs, as a measure to return the charity to (at least) a break-even position in the medium term. This means that our team will reduce from 12 to 9. The external environment is proving challenging for many charities including ours, so it’s important we respond accordingly, safeguarding patient services where possible.  At difficult financial times like this we need the continued support of our members and supporters more than ever.

Thank you to all of our most loyal supporters and members for your continued and greatly valued contributions.  

Menai Owen-Jones


Menai Conference 2017