Resolution Chemicals Hydrocortisone tablets

This is a new generic hydrocortisone tablet which is both lactose-free and maize free. The 10mg tablet is oval shaped with score lines, suitable for halving. The company have stated:

Formulation – Resolution hydrocortisone tablets contain the following excipients (non-active substances) Prosolv 90, sodium starch glycolate, magnesium stearate and talc. As such they are the only immediate release hydrocortisone tablets available in the UK to be lactose free and for those patients with a lactose intolerance this has proved to be beneficial to them.

Score lines – With regards to the functionality of the score lines we can confirm that during product development we carried out extensive studies to verify the homogeneity of active ingredient throughout a batch of tablets. Additionally we have carried out a study to confirm the efficacy of the score lines, in line with the Ph. Eur. monograph 0478 to demonstrate uniformity of mass, when breaking tablets into halves/quarters. The results of this study were good and in compliance with the monograph. We have also carried out a study where we evaluated the content of the two halves of tablet and again the results of this study confirmed that the tablets can be broken in half to give a dose of 5mg.


Dsc 4154 1089