A look back at our Campaigns work

Over the past five years, and beyond, The Pituitary Foundation has organised many proactive campaigns covering a number of key issues for patients.  Themes have included: supporting earlier diagnosis, health care professionals’ education, emergency care and issues around quality of life.  All campaigns have been informed by patient feedback and input.

As a small charity, supporting patients with various pituitary conditions, and many related issues, we aim to cover as many themes as possible in our awareness raising work.  At the same time we try to make sure our campaigns are focussed, so they are effective in creating change.  For example, our Get Red Flagged campaign was focussed on encouraging patients with adrenal insufficiency to register with their ambulance trust.

Next month is our annual Pituitary Awareness Month.  In the past two years our Awareness Month theme has been optician awareness, aiming to raise more awareness amongst opticians about pituitary tumours. Overall, optician awareness has been a popular theme with our supporters for the last two Awareness Months. Over 3,000 of our optician awareness leaflets were distributed in 2017 as part of the campaign. As we have made more opticians aware, more patients will hopefully be diagnosed earlier, and avoid the frustrations and consequences associated with a long diagnosis. In total, an amazing 3,302 people participated in last year’s Awareness Month, there were 53 Go Orange fundraising events held, and there was a terrific response on Facebook with over 123,800 people reached.

Here we look back at our campaigns and the themes we’ve covered over recent years.


Our campaigns timeline



October 2018

DI Awareness

To raise awareness of diabetes insipidus and the new Clinical Guidelines.

April 2018

Improving Acromegaly Awareness in Dentists

To aid earlier diagnosis of acromegaly.

October 2017

Opticians Awareness

Due to success of 2016 campaign, we repeated this theme to raise awareness of pituitary tumours amongst opticians.

June 2017

Think Adrenal Insufficiency

To encourage all hospitals to have a protocol in place for managing patients with adrenal insufficiency.

March 2017

Sheehan’s awareness

Raised awareness about Sheehan’s Syndrome and Lymphocytic Hypophysitis. These are rare types of pituitary conditions; Sheehan’s can be caused by child birth in some women.

October 2016

Opticians Awareness

Raising awareness of pituitary tumours amongst opticians.

June 2016

Know your insipidus from your mellitus

Our campaign highlighted the importance of desmopressin being a lifesaving medication.

March 2016

Ambulance staff e-module campaign

We frequently hear about patients experiencing difficulties and delays accessing their hydrocortisone when being treated by ambulance personnel and hospital staff.  Our spring campaign in 2016 was to raise awareness about emergency hydrocortisone to ambulance staff by publicising a free e-learning module.

October 2015

Get Red Flagged

We encouraged patients with adrenal insufficiency to register with their Ambulance Trust so their condition is flagged on the Trust’s system automatically.

June 2015

Save Our Loos!

Councils are currently shutting down public toilets across the UK and from speaking with patients who have diabetes insipidus (DI) we know this is having a real impact on their daily lives.

May 2015

General Election Campaign

We ran a campaign to spread awareness of pituitary conditions and to ask politicians to keep The Rare Diseases UK Strategy on the agenda in the approach to the 2015 election.

October 2014

Adrenal crisis

Raising awareness of adrenal crisis amongst ambulance staff.

October 2013

Awareness Month - What is the pituitary gland?

This was a back to basics theme focusing on educating the public about what the pituitary gland does.

Raising awareness of pituitary conditions is a big challenge.  However through our focused campaigns work, especially over recent years, we have made some impact to improve patient care and experience.  There is much more to do and we continue in our efforts with our dedicated team of volunteers and supporters to make our voice heard.

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Pituitary Awareness Month 2018

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