Acromegaly Focus Group: Film & Report

On the 23rd May 2018 The Pituitary Foundation organised a focus group of Acromegaly patients, around the holistic management of Acromegaly. 

The aim of the focus group was to further understand the needs of patients with Acromegaly and this work will help highlight areas where patient needs are not being met, or where their experiences differ from the expectations of health care professionals or pharmaceutical companies. An increased understanding of the patient journey in this area will hopefully help health care professionals and pharmaceutical companies deliver better patient care.

Seven people with acromegaly took part in the focus group which lasted for approximately 2.5 hrs. Group members’ ages ranged from their mid-20s to mid-60s; four were female, while three were male. Time since diagnosis varied widely – some relatively recent, while for others diagnosis had been over 30 years prior. All members of the group had required treatment for acromegaly but those treatment experiences varied widely.

The Pituitary Foundation would like to thank Pfizer who funded this project and the patients who took part. 

Watch the film

The film is in 4 parts and available on YouTube:


Part 1 - Medication 


Part 2 - Surgery


Part 3 - Radiotherapy 


Part 4 - Symptom Management - COMING SOON!

Read the report

You can read the report of the focus group here. The report was written by Dr Sue Jackson, who chaired the focus group.