Research Study - Participants Needed: Growth Hormone Deficiency

The Research House is an independent Market Research agency and we have received the below information from them requesting help with a research study:


“We are a global leader in healthcare research. We regularly organise studies for patients/caregivers that are willing to share their opinions; we use our database/panel to recruit participants to take part in Market Research. Our work covers a variety of interesting and varied topics for numerous organisations including government agencies, charities and well-known brands.

We’re conducting a usability study in which we’re looking to evaluate non-functional prototypes for an injection device, and we’re looking to involve participating pairs of GHD-diagnosed adolescents (aged 10-17 years old) and a parent/legal guardian.
For the time and opinions of those who participate in our research, we’re offering an incentive of £50 for the child living with Growth Hormone Deficiency, and £30 for the accompanying guardian. See our flyer here

Please be aware that adolescent participants must actively inject medication to treat their GHD. This can either be self-injected or administered by a nurse/relative. We will not ask anybody to inject anything during the interview, and will only ask that they evaluate non-functional prototypes which do not contain any medication and do not include a needle. We are only looking for feedback on how user-friendly these prototype devices are for their users and do not seek to sell anything; our end client will, in fact, remain undisclosed during the course of the research, to prevent bias.

Any individuals interested in participating would need to go through some screening questions over the phone to determine that the study is suitable for them. Once they are qualified, we would invite them to participate in a 90 minute face-to-face interview in Central London, set to take place at a day and time of their convenience between Monday 29th October and Friday 2nd November."

If you are interested in this or have any further questions at all, please contact Sique Morgenthau at The Research House on 0207 487 9293 or