Blog by Claire Thatcher: Trustee

Claire Thatcher Trustee

Why am I a Trustee?

Being a Trustee for The Pituitary Foundation is a huge honour.  All over the country, month on month, there is a vast army of professionals that give their time freely to support the endeavours of charities or not-for-profit organisations. The Trustees that are really lucky, get to support a charity or project that means something to them personally. 

The Pituitary Foundation

The Foundation supports a diverse community of patients, their friends and family, which struggle with the day-to-day problems of living with pituitary disease; in all the many forms that it can take. 

Pituitary disease is little known and relatively uncommon.  The patients of pituitary disease often struggle on for years without diagnosis; it can be a very stressful and difficult time for them and for their family; frequently resulting in complex neurosurgery and medication for life. 

Transferring one’s professional skills and providing them willingly to support an organisation that is receiving a tremendous amount of praise for the work they are doing, is incredibly rewarding.

Being a Trustee

During the eight years of my trusteeship, the Board and Chief Exec have developed the organisation into a professional and well-regarded charity that supports thousands of people each year, with just 7.9 full time equivalent employees and a turnover of £420,000. We have all brought to the Board our skills from the professional sector, skills that provides The Foundation with oversight and experience from the corporate world.  I think many people assume that a trusteeship is the preserve of busybodies with too much time on their hands…quite the contrary in my experience. On our Board we have medical professionals specific to our field, a senior leader at an investment bank, an MBE and respected domain experts that are consulting after successful careers in the blue-chip corporate world.  

The Foundation has given me an opportunity to give something back. I’m not great at shaking tins; but if The Foundation had to pay for the experience in the Boardroom, the bill would be hefty.