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MIndi B Photoy name is Indi Banerjee, I am a specialist in children’s growth and hormones. I have always been fascinated by how hormones work and have such a great impact on peoples’ lives. I carried my interest through my training period in children’s medicine and I am now a paediatric endocrinologist in a busy hospital.

Right from my time in training, I have been keenly aware of the importance of sharing information with patients and families. While I do this in my everyday work, I realise that there are many others who might benefit from a conversation and a discussion. Here is where the Pituitary Foundation come in, signposting patients to receive the right advice and treatment.


The Pituitary Foundation

The pituitary gland is such a vital gland in the body that it is no surprise that a range of hormone problems are directly linked to this gland. While some of these conditions such as adrenal insufficiency is life threatening, reassuringly, with the right treatment, children and young people can lead healthy and normal lives. The Pituitary Foundation is the only charity that supports patients and families through the complex maze of diagnosis, investigations and treatment options to optimise pituitary health in the young and old. Like me, you will see clearly why The Foundation is unique in its breadth and scope of its work, striving all the time to help patients lead fulfilling lives.

I was introduced to the work of The Pituitary Foundation by my colleague Professor Peter Clayton, an expert in growth disorders in children. I got to know very quickly the selfless work of the Foundation and how it touches so many families throughout the UK. I dived in to volunteer on the Medical Committee, eager to help whenever I could. Although some of the advice from the e-mail Helpline had to be provided at relatively short notice, this was never a problem. I was grateful that The Pituitary Foundation gave me the opportunity to respond to patient queries. I was grateful for positive feedback when this advice was acted upon.


BalloonsI have no hesitation in recommending The Pituitary Foundation webpage to anybody who is curious about the pituitary and pituitary problems. I would gladly suggest that they contact people like Pat McBride and her colleagues who work tirelessly to make sense of their diagnosis and treatment. I would also signpost patients and families to the webpage which has a wealth of information. The webpage is updated and refreshed at regular intervals and has Patient Information Booklets that are downloadable in a format that is easily readable. I am proud to have made a contribution to a few of these Information Booklets for children.  Please have a look through them, share them around and tell us how we could make these better.

If you, a family member or someone you know has been touched by pituitary illness, please do take a tour of The Pituitary Foundation website, contact the Helpline and have a chat. Sharing the right information is vital to keep people healthy. Volunteering for The Pituitary Foundation is not only fulfilling and rewarding but also fun. You get to meet like-minded people who are committed and passionate. You can share your ideas about clinical care and research. I do believe small steps make a big difference; this absolutely applies to pituitary illnesses!


Read more about The Foundation's volunteer team here.