Rare Disease Film Festival

On 10th February, Rare Disease UK hosted a screening of innovative, inspiring and powerful films that raise awareness of a rare disease or rare diseases. 

Esther Florence, Pituitary Foundation Ambassador, attended the evening and has written this summary:

"I was extremely honoured to have been able to attend and witness, what was nothing short of an incredibly, moving and insightful experience at the Awards ceremony. It was great to see an auditorium full of people coming together to raise awareness of rare diseases, from charities, companies, independent film-makers, students and individuals.

I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for the judging panel to have chosen the most innovative inspiring and powerful films. Each and every film were winners in my opinion as they all brought so much insight, into the lives of those living with rare diseases.

I spent some time talking to a lovely lady that was there to represent one of the films that actually won one of shortlisted categories. It was truly a humbling moment, listening to her journey in creating the film and working closely with the production team, individual and family to bring it to light.

I'm just so glad, as someone living with a Rare Disease that the support and recognition is progressively getting there, by using the powerful media's such as film. I think it's a great idea that's been born and I can only hope this kind of work, continues each year."

You can watch and vote for the best film here: https://www.raredisease.org.uk/rarefilmfestival/peopleschoiceaward/

Voting for the People's Choice Award closes at midday on 28th Feb 2020