Cushing's Quality of Life Survey

A member of The Foundation is undertaking this survey for her PhD and is looking for Cushing's patients to participate. She is also donating £2 to The Foundation for every participant we recruit!

The prime aim of this survey is to establish the main challenges which present themselves pre- and post-remission of having been diagnosed with Cushing’s.

In order to fully explore these challenges that you have faced due to having been diagnosed with Cushing’s and to assess your health-related quality of life during and after the on-set of your Cushing’s, the below questionnaire has been developed.

This is an invitation to participate in this study and contribute to the existing body of knowledge. The research findings will be reported in this PhD thesis and also, if accepted, be published in future endocrinology and radiology journals and presented at appropriate conferences.

Please note that a Code system will be used in order to protect your identity.

The completed survey should be sent to who you can also contact with any queries you have about the study. The deadline for completion has been extended to 31st May 2020.

Click here to download the questionnaire


Please note that we are sharing this on behalf of one of our members and this study is not directly linked to The Foundation