Pituitary Across the Globe

We continue our involvement with the World Alliance of Pituitary Organisations, and are pleased to share their Activity Report from the last year. In 2019, representatives of WAPO Member Organisations and the WAPO Board of Directors spent many hours taking the organisation forward, making decisions, collaborating with pharma industry, connecting with new member organisations and launching two awareness campaigns. Details of other international projects are also included, in addition to information about the WAPO Summit which was held in Lyon in 2019.

The 2020 Summit was due to be held in Argentina in October, but this has been cancelled due to the current CV-19 Pandemic. However, WAPO members meet via Teleconference, and The Pituitary Foundation still contributes regularly to the Newsletter and to requests for patient support information. Please do take some time to read about how and where we belong to WAPO, and the importance of this Organisation in raising awareness of pituitary conditions internationally.

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