Research Opportunity: Prolactinoma

This study from Queen Mary University of London is for any patient that is currently taking or has previously taken cabergoline medication for a prolactinoma.

The survey should take less than 5 mins. Take the survey here:

It is thought that the use of low-dose cabergoline in the treatment of prolactinoma is relatively safe, though there are international guidelines which state that all patients on this medication should have heart scans ('echocardiograms') every 6 months to ensure that their hearts remain healthy.

These guidelines are now 12 years old and the endocrine department at St Bartholomew's Hospital are in the process of making an application for research funds to enable further study of how effective these guidelines are and whether they can be improved.

We are very interested to learn the patient's perspective of these guidelines and research funding committees are often very keen that any proposed research has taken into account the patient's views.