Steps to Save Our Charity’s Future – Update by Our CEO

Menai Updated Pic CroppedThe past couple of months have been turbulent for so many of us. As things stand, the uncertainty and challenges are set to last for some time to come.

We are very grateful to all supporters, volunteers and members of The Pituitary Foundation, who have, and continue to do what they can to help us.  The response to date has definitely helped us to generate some lost income, due to cancelled events and fundraising activities, in the past couple of months. I am grateful to everyone for all contributions.  The outlook would be much bleaker right now, without everyone’s support to date.

We are however, like many charities and organisations, facing considerable uncertainties, likely for many more months to come, and possibly throughout 2020, if not longer. 

We are currently predicting that the charity could be facing a significant shortfall of income in the region of £120,000 over the next six months, which to put into context, is nearly 30% of our annual income.  Because of this, in order to safeguard the future of our charity, we have decided to make the difficult decision of reducing the charity, over the summer months, for potentially three months (June, July and August). 

What this means is that all of The Pituitary Foundation’s staff team, including me, will be reducing our salaried hours by 20% from June onwards.  This will further reduce our costs, on top of other measures we have already taken to save costs over the past couple of months.

We are prioritising the core patient support services of the charity and this means we will still run our Patient Support Helpline as normal, although our Endocrine Nurse Helpline will run on slightly reduced hours.  We may be reducing the hours of our administration telephone line, for example, and it may take longer for members of staff to respond to communications during this time.  We will also be delaying various projects and other key areas of work we had planned for 2020.  Do visit our website for further updates about any changes over the summer months.

I extend my sincere thanks to a wonderful team of staff for their commitment during this difficult time and for helping to safeguard the future of our charity by reducing their working hours. 

With the continued support of our volunteers, members, supporters and staff we will endeavour to weather this storm to better times in the future.

Thank you, Menai


Menai Owen-Jones, CEO