Children's Art Week

Children's Art Week is coming up and we'd love to see and share some pictures of artwork done by children who have pituitary conditions or are relatives of someone with a pituitary condition.

If your child would like to share some art with us, please email it to Pictures will be shared on our website and social media with first name and age only.

IMG 1511

Here are some tips from Pat to get you started:

  • Think of the colours of your hormones that whirl around your body – colours you like and plop them on the paper; doesn’t matter what it looks like
  • Think about paths of your journey – where these big, small, windy or straight – draw some paths as you see them
  • Think about what you are able to do, the nice things that you can do every day, for example going to school, your friends, your pets, your family. Paint in some images of these.

It doesn’t matter at all where you paint or draw things on your paper – this painting is all about you and that’s fine