#NoNeedToDI Twitter Chat

On Wed 21st Oct we held a twitter chat to discuss DI patient safety with an expert panel. Our panel and other Twitter users were able to discuss the questions using #PituitaryQA. Below is a summary of the questions and highlights.

Many thanks to our panel for giving up their time: Dr Miles Levy, Simon Cudlip, Dr Helen Simpson, Dr Sofia Llahana, Dr Niki Karavitaki, Lisa Shepherd and Becky Holdernes

Q1 What are the main challenges that DI patients face? 

Q2 Why is it dangerous for DI patients to go without their medication/suitable treatment?

Q3 What precautions can DI patients take when going into hospital?

Q4 Do you agree the name of diabetes insipidus should be changed, and why?

 Q5 What other measures could be introduced by the NHS to protect DI patients?

Q6 How can we raise awareness of this and other endocrine conditions in the medical professions outside of endocrinology?