Patient Care Survey



During a live session in our virtual conference for newly diagnosed patients, questions were asked about ‘what is the appropriate standard of care’, particularly post-surgery or medical treatment. There appears to be variations in how the patient is informed, ready for discharge, and how or if, information about the patient’s ongoing care is related between hospital clinicians, departments and their GP. These issues may extend to the ongoing monitoring of patients too. This survey will be online format only.

Purpose of this survey
To capture anonymised, confirmed diagnosed patients’ experiences, from their perspective of NHS pituitary care in the past three years.

The data findings will provide insights into variations in care across the UK.

The survey findings will be used to help to:

  • Inform centres of patients’ experiences accessing their services.
  • Identify any trends or key areas for concern.
  • Influence improvements in care across the UK.

Who is the survey for?
All adults (over 18 years) who have a pituitary condition and have received NHS endocrine care in the past three years.
This survey does not cover the stages seeking diagnosis, it is for those who have a confirmed diagnosis.

How will we disseminate the survey results?

  • Pituitary Foundation digital communications – social media, website, ebulletins
  • Pituitary Life Magazine
  • Pituitary Centres

Who will we share the survey findings with: (The results will be distributed in a summarised form)

  • Pituitary centres across UK
  • NHS England CRG
  • SfE Future of Endocrinology Group
  • GIRFT via Prof Wass
  • Pituitary Foundation Medical Committee
  • A publication for an endocrinology journal.

Click here to access the survey. The survey will close on Sunday 31st Oct 2021