Britney: a new comedy on BBC

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When Charly was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour, her and her friend Ellen decided to call it 'Britney'. They wrote a play and took it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and now they've got their own comedy on BBC One!

Showing at 11.35pm on Tues 30th Nov on BBC One, Britney tells Charly and Ellen's story as they navigated the ups and downs of a pituitary diagnosis. The show will be available to watch on iPlayer after it has aired.

We hope this programme will help to raise more awareness for pituitary conditions so please share it far and wide!


Please look out for our future article on this, and other patient sories, in our February edition of Pituitary Life Magazine.



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When is a brain tumour, not a brain tumour?

As a charity that supports patients and their families with Pituitary tumours we are well versed in the difference between brain tumours and Pituitary tumours.

A Pituitary tumour is in fact not a brain tumour.  Though they are factually not the same thing, we appreciate that sometimes it is just a lot easier to explain these types of tumours to others as a ‘brain tumour’.  After all, almost everyone knows where their brain is, whilst very few have even heard of their Pituitary gland (despite its importance to them).

We understand that to those that understand the difference, referring to Pituitary tumours as brain tumours can be very distressing, however, for the message to be shared outside of our circle of understanding, and perhaps to reach people that are as yet undiagnosed but experiencing symptoms, using this language can be helpful to get the point across.

Learn more about the difference between brain tumours and pituitary tumours