Research opportunity: Children who take growth hormone

Our client is developing a new injection device which they hope will benefit patients in the near future and as such they would like to speak to children who are currently taking growth hormone medication.


They are looking for children who inject themselves, and also the parent/caregiver of those who do not inject.


Participants will first be given brief training on how to use the new prototype of the device; then talk about their experience with growth hormone treatment, with a focus on experience around using drug delivery devices. Finally, we will ask the participant to perform a simulated growth hormone injection, into a fake skin pad, using the new device prototype and give some feedback on the design.


This is not a clinical trial, no drug will be used in the testing, the participant will only be asked to interact with the device to express their subjective feedback.


Interviews will last approximately 90-minutes for which participants would receive £120 for their time and opinions.

We are hoping to conduct the study in London, Cambridge and one other city, probably Manchester or Birmingham between the 1st to the 12th of December.


If you are interested in taking part, please complete the screening questions here  or email for further details.