Diabetes Insipidus #PitHour on Twitter

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to last nights #PitHour, discussing diabetes insipidus. We had some really great conversations and advice from everyone. We’re going to be sharing some highlights from the conversation.

There are a few challenges when it comes to DI. If you are an alcohol drinker its important to remain hydrated when you are drinking:

Lots of people said that one of the key issues was travelling or get stuck somewhere without medication. Some with DI shared some great advice about having medication in lots of different places. Remember we have keyring pillboxes for sale on our shop too!

Hospital visits can also cause issues, so it’s great to see that people are using our Factsheet to A&E and Hospital Staff about Diabetes Insipidus to try and make the visits go more smoothly!

Something else that came up a few times was taking medication when you are ill. We have diabetes insipidus sick day rules with advice on this.


Thanks again to everyone who joined in last night. You can see the full 'moment' on our Twitter page, you don't need a Twitter account to be able to see this! We’ll be having our next #PitHour on 24th March, so be sure to join us then, topic tbc! 

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