Volunteers Week 2022

Across the UK this week is Volunteers’ Week from 1st - 7th June, which is an annual celebration highlighting the contribution and difference that volunteers make in their communities.

NCVO Vol Week Logo 2022

It is a great opportunity for us to say an extra special thank you to our own volunteers and to let our members know a bit more about our brilliant team.

We’d like to encourage you to join us in recognising volunteers that helped during the last 12 months.

Our volunteers do all sorts to support the charity. Some run our local support groups, others help out in the office, and some answer the helpline calls. We wouldn’t be able to support pituitary patients without their support.

Further down the page you will find lots of volunteer stories from our team, covering various roles within our organisation! 

The past year

We’ve had an unusual year with many of our staff leaving, so it’s been great to have consistency with the volunteers. Many of the trustees stepped up after Menai, our previous CEO, left, taking on extra roles to support the office staff.

As things have slowly started to open up, and it’s been great to see some of our local support groups to meet face to face again. Thanks to all of our area co-ordinators for facilitating these meetings.

We’ve supported over 2000 people with our Patient Information and Support Helpline in the last year. This wouldn’t be possible without the helpline volunteers who are so dedicated to supporting others.

Our medical committee have grown over the last year, we now have a team of 25. They volunteer their time to support us with any medical queries, online events and any changes to our booklets.

We have lots more volunteers who do different activities to support the charity and they all contribute to our great work.

So please join us in saying thanks to their contributions to make a different to the lives of people with pituitary conditions.