Volunteers Week: Gemma, Fundraising Volunteer

To continue our celebrations for volunteer week, we wanted to share the story of Gemma - one of our Fundraising volunteers.

Gemma’s son, Oscar, has had pan-hypopituitarism from birth and was diagnosed at just a few months old.Oscar As A Baby

“Oscar was diagnosed when he was a few months old after suffering seizures at 2 days old. He spent a lot of time in hospital up until his diagnosis. I hadn’t heard of pan-hypopituitarism and found the foundation after searching online for information on his diagnosis. The website was really helpful in finding out about his condition and introducing us to other parents with children who have his condition.”

Gemma decided to become a fundraising volunteer in 2012, and has since held various events and raised lots of money and awareness to help others in similar situations to hers.

“I spoke with Jay about doing some fundraising and we held a disco/auction evening back in 2012 for our first event. It gave us the opportunity to make people aware of Oscar’s condition and other pituitary related illnesses and the seriousness of these conditions. Since then we’ve held numerous arts and craft fairs, a mad hatters tea party, football tournaments, a quiz night and friends have also been sponsored to do sky dives and bike rides for the foundation.Oscar Madhatters Tea Party

We’ve also been lucky enough to have Sue Holderness (Marlene from Only Fools and Horses) and ex Fulham football club players (Sean Davis, Barry Hayles and Elvis Hammond) come along to the events as well. Our local paper has also been great at advertising the events and doing a write up after as well. Local companies have always donated to our raffles, and we’ve even had a great donation from Manchester United who donated a signed football to one of our football tournaments - we raffled it off for £300!

Oscar Information Stand

I also made Oscar a life time member of the Pituitary foundation so I know that as he gets older he will have the foundation to turn to for help and advice. It’s always great holding these events and see the support we have around us and knowing that people walk away having now heard of pituitary related illnesses. Oscar held his own event at his primary school a few years back where all his friends and teachers came in wearing an orange item of clothing for a donation and he raised over £200.”

Thank you to Gemma for her support as a fundraising volunteer over the years. If you would like to get involved with fundraising then you can find out more here.