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WAPO Virtual Summit 2020

A summary of key points from the event

New NHS Steroid Card

Available now

Desmopressin Intranasal Solution & Desmospray updates

An update on availability of desmopressin nasal sprays

Molly's Story - #NoNeedToDI

Molly shares her recent experience of being in hospital with DI, during the COVID-19 pandemic

RAREfest20: Global, virtual festival puts rare diseases into the spotlight!

This year's RareFest is going online and tickets are free!

Flu Vaccinations

Vaccination against pneumonia and influenza is commonly given to groups, such as the elderly or very young, or those who are most at risk. Read more here.

#NoNeedToDI Twitter Chat

Discussing DI patient safety

A Parent's DI Story #NoNeedToDI

Treatment on a ward with diabetes insipidus (pituitary insipidus - desmopressin dependent)

Claire's DI Story #NoNeedToDI

Claire's experiences of being admitted to hospital as a DI (pituitary insipidus - desmopressin dependent) patient

Joy's DI Story #NoNeedToDI

Joy's experiences of diabetes insipidus (pituitary insipidus - desmopressin dependent)