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Esther's Cushing's Story

Esther bravely shares her Cushing's journey

A Tribute to Nikki Kieffer

A Tribute to Nikki Kieffer

Gill's Story

Gill tells her story of being diagnosed and treated for Cushing's

Pat's Story

Pat McBride (Head of Patient & Family Services and editor of Pituitary Life) shares her story

Nursing relationships with the pituitary patient

Written by our endocrine nurse, Pauline Whittingham

The Pituitary Foundation attends the WAPO Summit, 2019

Samy Harbut, our Patient and Family Services Coordinator and WAPO lead attended the Annual  World Alliance of Pituitary Organisations (WAPO) Summit in Lyon from 17th- 19th May this year.

Gordon’s story: The long road to diagnosis


Gordon's story: A recollection of hospitals in the 50's. 

Why telling your story can be good for you

By Dr Sue Jackson


Esther Florence Talk

Esther Florence shares her story

Steve's story - Volunteers' week

I was diagnosed with acromegaly in 1987 and had transsphenoidal surgery in early 1988. This was followed by a six-week course of radiotherapy in 1992. I could not find much information about my condition – the internet did not exist and The Foundation had not been formed. I had to accept what I was told by the doctors relating to my condition and treatment.