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Hydrocortisone regime – Gail’s story

Gail tells us about her new hydrocortisone regime and the reasons behind this.

Gigantism - BBC Radio 4 feature on the Irish giants

BBC Radio 4 will be exploring the link between an 18th century skeleton in the Hunterian Museum and Brendan Holland in County Tyrone. Brendan reached a height of 6’10” was diagnosed with gigantism.

Open Q&A Webinar with Professor John Newell-Price

Join us for the open Q&A on the 22nd August at 3pm with Professor John Newell-Price, Endocrinologist at the University of Sheffield, who will be answering as many questions as possible during the webinar. 

Survey of Anosmia in Endocrine patients

We would be extremely grateful if you could spare a few moments to complete this short survey based on the loss of taste and smell (anosmia) in endocrine patients after surgery.

The visual impact of pituitary tumours

One of the key effects of a pituitary tumour which can lead to diagnosis is where it is interfering with eyesight. Dr Denize Atan discusses the visual impact of pituitary tumours. 

Lauren - Why I'm campaigning for The Pituitary Foundation

Acromegaly patient Lauren tells us why she's inspired to raise awareness for The Pituitary Foundation.

Living with Acromegaly - Steve & Lauren

Two patients share their personal experiences of living with Acromegaly.

My pituitary tumour history - Barry's story

Dr Barry Culpin tells us about his very long journey to diagnosis almost 20 years ago.

Living with Acromegaly - Rachel & Carolyn

Two patients share their personal experiences of living with Acromegaly.

"What if I'm not cured?"

Dr Niki Karavitaki and Dr John Ayuk discuss the options for further treatment if pituitary removal through surgery is not successful.