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Cushing's Awareness Day - Emily's Story

Our next story for Cushing's Awareness Day comes from Emily. She talk's about her journey to diagnosis, her treatment and how helpful support groups are for support and to ask questions.

London Landmarks Half Marathon 2022 - Fundraising Event

Yesterday we had a team of over 70 runners taking on the London Landmarks Half Marathon, raising over £30,000!

Prolactinoma #PitHour on Twitter

Sharing some highlights on our prolactimona focussed #PitHour on Twitter, enabling conversations about the challenges of living with prolactinoma.

Research Opportunity: Child Growth Hormone Deficiency

A research opportunity looking for children who take growth hormone to provide feedback on a new auto-injecting device. 

Online Educational event: Advances in the Treatment of Acromegaly for Medical Professionals

This webinar will be a free educational event; in particular discussing the advances in the treatment of acromegaly.

Research Opportunity: Were you diagnosed with a pituitary tumour following a scan for a brain injury or migraine?

Research study looking at people who have been diagnosed with an incidentaloma, to develop resources to support people after diagnosis. 

Research Opportunity: Growth Hormone Deficiency

A study looking for adults and children on growth hormone medication to evaluate a new injection device.

International Women's Day - Shelley's journey to get diagnosed with Cushing's

For International Women's Day we want to highlight the bias that women face when trying to get diagnosed with health conditions. Shelley took 11 years to get her Cushing's disease diagnosis, we share her story.

Research Opportunity: Understanding the Psychological Impact of Living With Adult-Onset Craniopharyngioma

Lecturer in the Department of Pyschology at the University of Essex, Dr Katie Daughters, is inviting people to take part in her latest research study.

Rare Disease Day Stories Victoria - Living with a Pituitary Macroadenoma

Victoria shares her story of having a pituitary adenoma for Rare Disease Day 2022!